The Bill Comes Due in CA

The University of California is widely reported to be considering tuition increases of…30%!

As we read in the media how well the banks are doing from their bailouts, it seems that the costs of the crash are as usual to be met by those least able to afford it.

The UC walkout committee are appealing to student and faculty for action:

Dear UC Walkout supporters,
Today the LA Times and the SF Chronicle reported that UC administration plans to increase tuition by 30% over the coming academic year. That is an unprecedented and absolutely unacceptable fee increase.

Pasted below are 3 steps by which undergrads can help to mobilize support for a walkout on 9/24, and to build solidarity between undergrads, graduate students, staff, and faculty. A generation of students in California are being pushed out of public education. We need to demonstrate that we can work together to reverse the administration’s attempt to fund the budget shortfall on the backs of students and low-paid employees.

Faculty support and graduate student support for the walkout have been strong. But it is undergrads who have the power to make 9/24 a major event.

Please forward this WIDELY, via status updates or any other channels available to you:


1. Read this:

2. Email your fall quarter instructors asking them to walkout on 9/24 in defense of accessible public eduation:

3. Walkout on 9/24 against tuition hikes, and in solidarity with faculty, staff, and graduate students.



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UC Professors Speak Out

Profs. Catherine Cole and Richard Walker speak out on budget cuts and faculty governance.

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Call for UC Walkouts 9-24

A long list of distinguished UC faculty, including Judith Butler, Donna Haraway and Mike Davis, have called for a walkout of UC faculty on 9-24-09 in support of their demands that the required furloughs be applied to instructional days; that no one earning $40,000 or less should have their pay cut; and that these demands should not be financed on the backs of the students or staff.

With other universities now mandating pay cuts, this is simply the first encounter of the crisis.


please see here the essential letter by Catherine Cole of UCB

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The boom lowers in California

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

UC Regents on July 16 approved a systemwide furlough plan for UC employees as part of a strategy for coping with state budget cuts. The plan calls for employees to take from 11 to 24 days off without pay, beginning Sept. 1 for a 12-month period. That amounts to pay reductions of 4 percent to 10 percent. The furlough plan is based on salary, with those who earn more absorbing a larger pay cut than those who earn less.

The furlough plan cost-saving is expected to equal about one-fourth of UC’s current $813 million state budget cut


The plan is effective Sept. 1, 2009. Employees who are subject to the plan will participate for 12 months, until Aug. 31, 2010. For employees who are paid monthly, the salary reduction will be reflected in their September paycheck, which is issued around Oct. 1, 2009. For employees who are paid bi-weekly, the reduction will begin with the first full pay period in September. Employees can begin using furlough days as early as Sept. 1, with the approval of their supervisor, manager or department head.[…]

The plan includes all full- and part-time UC employees, including, but not limited to, non-represented staff, represented staff and academics, Academic Senate faculty, non-Senate faculty, non-Senate academics, and members of the Health Sciences Compensation Plan. For union-represented employees, implementation of the plan will be subject to collective bargaining agreements and all applicable laws.

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California: the crisis heats up

The implementation of California’s draconian cutbacks are now taking place and it’s a scary situation. Some of the elite campuses are talking about ‘doing a Michigan‘, meaning becoming de facto private, while UCSB is set to close altogether for two weeks. The teacher’s union has good systemwide coverage. I’m adding a set of links to the blogroll for people to follow this–it’s already been used to justify cuts in Texas and elsewhere, so it’ll be our problem before we know it.

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Law school reverse on anti-gay lecturer

There’s been a quick reversal by the NYU law school on hiring anti-gay politican and law scholar Thio Li-ann. Apparently, it may not have been the best idea to bring someone to teach human rights law who believes that “diversity is not license for peversity.”

As a “nominated Member of Parliament” in Singapore, not noted as a bastion of human rights, Thio gave a now notorious speech in support of retaining the criminalization of same-sex sexual activity. Her characterization of anal sex as being like drinking through your nose with a straw was just one of a number of choice epithets.

Why is NYU so drawn to repressive regimes??

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NYU Abu Dhabi profiled

Here‘s a very interesting profile of John Sexton’s “road ahead” for NYU Abu Dhabi from US journalists based in the Emirates in an English-language publication The National.

Part Two on the broader context, the labor issue and some concrete details about what NYU thinks its up to.

Hat-tip to Susie Linfield

By way of comparison with the $50 million invested in NYU Abu Dhabi, the sheikhs have invested a massive $500 million in Manchester City, a British Premier League football club

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