The Necropolitics of UC

Well worth checking this out:

The Necrosocial

Occupied UC Berkeley, 18 November 2009.

Being president of the University of California is like being manager of a cemetery: there are many people under you, but no one is listening.
UC President Mark Yudof

Capital is dead labor which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor.
Karl Marx

Politics is death that lives a human life.
Achille Mbembe

Yes, very much a cemetery. Only here there are no dirges, no prayers, only the repeated testing of our threshold for anxiety, humiliation, and debt. The classroom just like the workplace just like the university just like the state just like the economy manages our social death, translating what we once knew from high school, from work, from our family life into academic parlance, into acceptable forms of social conflict.

Forwarded by Ricardo Dominguez UCSD/Electronic Disturbance Theatre; Authors ‘anonymous’ (see comments)


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The word from CA

“This has actually been a season of swift victories for faculty and students — wherever we’ve seen truly organized and militant faculty, as with AAUP-Oakland in Michigan in October, or grad students, as at Illinois this week, the administration has quickly caved.

Of course the administrators caved — the real power is where it’s always been, with the mass of us, if we can just keep ourselves together long enough to say “no” in one breath.”

Marc Bousquet from the Chronicle of Higher Education!

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Strike call at UC

The situation has not improved in California. With the Regents now calling for a 32% tuition increase, university employees and students are calling for a strike. As of this morning 1516 people are signed up. It’s becoming clear that UC is where the future of academic labor is going to be decided.  Sign up for the Facebook link, spread the word.

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UC fights back

Of the many inspiring responses to the insane cutbacks imposed on the UC system over the last week, I particularly liked art historian T.J. Clark for setting out an alternative; and the remarkably incisive presentation by political theorist Wendy Brown for making very clear what privatization means.

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Petition the NYU Trustees

Martin Linton, chair of the NYU Trustees recently sent a letter to the NYU community announcing that President John Sexton had been reappointed for a term to end in 2016, which is a seven-year cycle. Once again, as in Sexton’s original appointment that he later claimed to find awkward, no consultation was made with faculty, staff or students. For this reason, members of Faculty Democracy have drawn up a petition to the Trustees, requesting that the process be reopened and consultations with the university community be held.

Please view the petition here and sign it if you are in agreement: thanks:)

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UC Walks Out: A New Activism Begins

from the great state of California, a new optimism from the despair of the cuts as widespread support for the UC walkout is evident. Check the Twitter stream at #ucwalkout

Rallies set for 12pm PST (3pm EST): updates through the day here.

It’s clear now (5pm EST) that the protests have been massive. Twitter reports of an occupation of the Chancellor’s office are coming in.

A full survey of events and coverage: one point I had not realized was that yesterday was the first day of classes for many people (perhaps not the best choice of date!) so the turnout was all the more impressive

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Academics strike in Australia

Universities across Australia were on strike last week, aiming for annual salary increases of 6%, among other issues. With the University of Sydney having already agreed salary increases of 5% a year till 2012, US based academics can only look on with envy. They might want to note that the strike is led by a national union of higher education, the National Tertiary Education Union. Surely this can’t be the reason NYU and other US universities are devoting so much money in the time of financial crisis to halt the spread of unionization?

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